Welcome to KWConnect.com!


Designed to help KW associates learn to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living, KWUConnect offers an amazing number of unique features.

Here are just a few of the features available to associates now:


 Associate-Generated Content


Follow Associates and Be Notified of New Posts


ASK? Question & Answer Forum 


Search All KW Educational Content 




Universal Calendar (market centers, regions and KWRI)


And coming soon for all associates ...

  1. Single sign-on and integration with myKW intranet
  2. Privately shared uploads allowing you to upload material meant only for those you choose, such as members of a mega agent team
  3. Direct video upload from your smartphone or tablet
  4. Get supplemental course materials emailed directly to you when you register
  5. Event reminders
  6. Educational content from all of your KW specialty and membership groups (KW MAPS, KW Commercial, KW Luxury Homes, etc.)
  7. Recommendations for related items
  8. Self-paced online courses
  9. Badges and certifications
  10. Faculty section highlighting Market Center Trainers, KWU Approved Trainers and Master Faculty
  11. Ongoing improvements to existing features
  12. And much more 


And here are a few features available today for leadership:


Add Events (with MC Intranet Calendar Sync) 


Attendance Roster Tool



And coming soon for leadership ...

  1. Training reports that will help you build your Wall of Value
  2. Print calendar
  3. User uploading for leadership only
  4. And much more!