Find all the materials you need to host and run Ignite in your market center: instructor manuals, PowerPoints, marketing, toolkit items, in-class videos and more. Review class Missions which are found on the Student Resource Page. (Note: This page contains links for the videos shown by the instructor in class. Videos that students watch during their Mission days are linked in their Mission downloads.)

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Recommended Delivery:

Ignite runs four weeks with each week comprised of three days of instructor-led Power Sessions and three days of Mission work for students to continue the learning and lead generation activities. 

Power Session 1
Ignite Your Business

Power Session 2
Build Your Business

Power Session 3
Find Your Business

In-class video links:

  1. How to Use Scripts

In-class video link:

  1. Benefits of an Organized Database


In-class video links:

  1. Finding More Leads
  2. Cold Calling with the Real Estate Brothers


Power Session 4
Win the Seller

Power Session 5
Price to Sell

Power Session 6
Sell Your Listing

In-class video links:

  1. Agent, Sales Skills: Listing Presentations
  2. Develop Your Listing Skills



In-class video links:

  1. Create a WOW Experience
  2. Hold an Effective Open House


Power Session 7
Win the Buyer

Power Session 8
Find & Show Homes

Power Session 9
Make & Receive Offers

In-class video links:

  1. Find the Motivated
  2. Buyers Needs Analysis


In-class video link:

  1. Create Buyer Urgency



Power Session 10
Negotiate the Deal

Power Session 11
Close the Deal

Power Session 12
Ignition – Blast Off!

In-class video link:

  1. Negotiations with Josh Anderson



In-class video link:

  1. A Day in the Life of a Mega Agent


  Additional Instructor Resources: